Procrastination: The Ultimate Enemy

Looking up

I have been procrastinating. I was supposed to start going to the gym this week. Monday, actually. I have yet to go. What’s the hold up, you ask? ANXIETY!

Anxiety about what?

Leaving the house? Nope, not this time.

Starting something that I’m afraid I won’t stick with? BINGO!

I feel like I’ve been trying for so long to get in shape. But what does that really mean anyway? For me, it means losing some weight; maybe 15 lbs. But I have come to realize that instead of counting inches, I need to concentrate on what exercise does behind the scenes.

Instead of procrastinating, I need to concentrate on heart health.I’m a 52-year-old type 2 diabetic! I’ve been trying over the years to get a hold of my love for food, but I’ve neglected the part about moving more!

I’m aware that I don’t need a gym to move more but I plan to take advantage of this free membership that I have. I’ve got to conquer my fear and get started. The first step is always the hardest! I gave this advice to my son the other day. I guess it was really meant for me!

Morning Coffee and Coyotes

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Hey friends. I’m just sitting here having my morning coffee and thinking about how blessed we are. I’m not too sure what I should blog about today and the daily prompt was a little too heavy for me. Our new home is coming along and we love it! A friend of mine in the area was able to come over and visit for a few hours the other day. 🙂

I’ve been trying to get back into my routine of daily exercise. Nothing major right now, just walking. I’m signed up on the app NextDoor and I’m seeing a lot of posts about coyotes in the area. I haven’t run up on any yet and I don’t plan to! I’ve been taking Moki to the dog park just to be on the safe side. I’m only willing to walk on the streets when Cedric and I go together to take Moki out.

I was able to get a free membership at Planet Fitness because of my Silver Sneakers membership! No, I haven’t gone and worked out yet but I promise…. soon. lol I’m fighting with my anxiety every day to do things differently. I’m winning! One step at a time!

Are any of you members of Planet Fitness or Silver Sneakers?

What A Peaceful View

I just love the view outside of my window now. It looks so peaceful and it makes me want to just slow down and take it all in. I’m so thankful for this new place. It will require us to make some changes, but they are well worth it. It even pushes me to get outside of my comfort zone a little (one step at a time!).

We have a lot within walking distance of here. Less than 1/2 mile away is a complete shopping center…actually 2; one on each side of the street. Yesterday, I put on my walking shoes and grabbed my walking stick and journeyed up there. It was a leisurely stroll that took 15 mins each way, but the sun was shining and I felt good.

People who don’t suffer from anxiety might not see this as a big accomplishment, but for those of us who know, you know it is! It felt good to step out (literally!).

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2 Things I Need a Break From, Right Now!

Do you need a break? From what?

Surely I need a break. Yes indeed! What do I need a break from? So many things! But I will tell you my top 2.

  • Feeling unattractive. It’s been 11 months now waiting to get my dental implants. It’s hard to look in the mirror and not recognize who you see. It’s a journey.
  • Worrying about money. My family has come so far and we are so blessed. God always provides; so why worry?

I recognize that my anxiety/depression have a lot to do with these 2 things so I try hard to keep them in perspective. I’m so thankful for my husband and his support and understanding. I couldn’t make it through this journey without God and him.

I’m working on myself daily. It’s slow going but progress is progress. One day at a time.

Shopping vs Anxiety

I finally got out of the apartment today! I went shopping! I hate to admit it, but it had been a while, like a week. Sometimes my mind gets so bogged down thinking of all the things I need to do and then I just decide not to do anything!

I went out today with my friend to Bath & Body Works. (Our favorite store.) Of course, there was a sale, and it was packed! They had the Wallflower plug ins for $2.95, so I couldn’t resist getting a few. I just got 5 of them:

  • Flannel
  • ‘Tis the Season
  • Sun-Dried Linen
  • Limoncello (my favorite!)
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar

Then we went grocery shopping and it felt good to just get out. I know some people take things like that for granted, but I can’t. I’m thankful every time! I know what it’s like to be crippled by anxiety and all you want is to isolate yourself. I try to not to stay in that state too long.

I think something else that helped to get me up and out today was the sun. When it’s dreary during the Winter, it’s harder for me to keep my spirits up sometimes. That’s one reason I love the Summer so much!

Do you like Bath & Body Works too? What are some of your favorite scents?

My Power Days Kill My Anxiety!

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Yesterday was Power Day!

I went on a one mile walk and then spent the rest of the day working on my Facebook page. I was able to update the cover and icon, but I didn’t get in a blog post. But that’s why I’m here now. 😊

Facebook LenoreDallas CoverPhoto

My plan was to get in a Leslie Sansone walking video too, but it didn’t quite happen. Now I’m concerned about how I’m going to sleep tonight because I did take a 5 Hour Energy early this morning. Is that the reason for Power Day?

Not at all.

The real reason was the mile walk! I had taken an anxiety break for a while, but I had to put an end to that! Anxiety hinders me from doing so much, but I’m glad I can at least recognize that and do better!

That’s Power!

Is there anything that anxiety keeps you from doing? How does it keep you from living your best life?