What A Peaceful View

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I just love the view outside of my window now. It looks so peaceful and it makes me want to just slow down and take it all in. I’m so thankful for this new place. It will require us to make some changes, but they are well worth it. It even pushes me to get outside of my comfort zone a little (one step at a time!).

We have a lot within walking distance of here. Less than 1/2 mile away is a complete shopping center…actually 2; one on each side of the street. Yesterday, I put on my walking shoes and grabbed my walking stick and journeyed up there. It was a leisurely stroll that took 15 mins each way, but the sun was shining and I felt good.

People who don’t suffer from anxiety might not see this as a big accomplishment, but for those of us who know, you know it is! It felt good to step out (literally!).

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

My Power Days Kill My Anxiety!

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Yesterday was Power Day!

I went on a one mile walk and then spent the rest of the day working on my Facebook page. I was able to update the cover and icon, but I didn’t get in a blog post. But that’s why I’m here now. 😊

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My plan was to get in a Leslie Sansone walking video too, but it didn’t quite happen. Now I’m concerned about how I’m going to sleep tonight because I did take a 5 Hour Energy early this morning. Is that the reason for Power Day?

Not at all.

The real reason was the mile walk! I had taken an anxiety break for a while, but I had to put an end to that! Anxiety hinders me from doing so much, but I’m glad I can at least recognize that and do better!

That’s Power!

Is there anything that anxiety keeps you from doing? How does it keep you from living your best life?

Short Story: Walking is Dangerous!

Walking Moki

It’s been a rough few days for me. Who knew that walking could add to that?! I’m waiting to talk to my doctor next week about my insomnia. It’s not new, but I’m tired of dealing with it. I’ve been trying not to ask for a sleeping pill, but I don’t really have a choice now. My husband is complaining of me being “gripey” during the day!

I took something to make me sleep all day yesterday, so this morning, I figured I would get up and walk my dog, Moki. Just a quick mile outside of the apartment complex…I went around 10 am and that wasn’t early enough! I had made the turn and we were on our way back when I started feeling faint! Thankfully, there was shade in various places, so each time I got to it, I stopped. I even had to sit down on this perch I found to catch my breath.

See, I’m a diabetic and I got up this morning and decided to walk without eating or drinking anything! I knew that was iffy, but I did it anyway. Lesson Learned! I thought my blood sugar would be low when I got back in and checked it, but it was 241!! I don’t know what was going on, so I’ve just been resting ever since.

My blood sugar is back to normal now, so I’m good. I just need to talk to my doctor about a few things to put my mind at ease…and oh yeah, I need to get that shingles shot, since I’m 50 now!

Should I be concerned about this shingles vaccine?

Step Out: The Summit

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Today I got to visit The Summit in Grand Prairie which is a recreational facility for people fifty and over. My husband found out about it and let me know (he’s 42). I had no idea they had something like this in my city. I was really impressed. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of a program I used to be in at the Dallas VA Hospital.

They have so many clubs and things to do. This is JUST what I need in my retirement! I’ve been looking for something like this to help me manage my days so that I’m not just sitting around looking at my dog!

I was looking at the schedule for August and there are trips, club meetings and there is even a movie theater onsite. It’ a shame that I can’t enjoy the facility with my husband, but it does give me the opportunity to step out on my own and do something just for me.

This morning I only spent an hour there, but I got to use the indoor walking track. It was great to walk inside. I had a view of the surrounding area and the pool while walking. Next, I’ll have to walk and then tackle the fitness machines. There was even a place there to get water and small plates.

Even though I’ve only been one time, I recommend The Summit to anyone living in Grand Prairie or the surrounding area to check it out. They have memberships for residents and non-residents.