Best in Show: Tails ‘N Trails Dog Park

Hubby and I just got back from a nice walk with our furbaby Moki. Normally, I’m not happy when the weather starts changing, but I like being able to walk and it’s not a hundred degrees! We were thinking of taking her to the dog park, but we wanted to be able to walk as well.

Since having Moki, we’ve been to a few different dog parks. Our favorite one by far is Tails ‘N Trails in Arlington, TX. We like it so much because there is a lot of seating for when you just want to let the pup run around, but there is also a genuinely nice walking trail if you’re in the mood for exercise yourself.

We normally go there at least twice a week (my husband goes more than I do!) We have yet to find one we like more. Just thought I would share some pics if anyone in the area is looking for a nice dog park.

How many of you have fur babies? Let me see some pics!

My Power Days Kill My Anxiety!

Facebook Icon LenoreDallas

Yesterday was Power Day!

I went on a one mile walk and then spent the rest of the day working on my Facebook page. I was able to update the cover and icon, but I didn’t get in a blog post. But that’s why I’m here now. 😊

Facebook LenoreDallas CoverPhoto

My plan was to get in a Leslie Sansone walking video too, but it didn’t quite happen. Now I’m concerned about how I’m going to sleep tonight because I did take a 5 Hour Energy early this morning. Is that the reason for Power Day?

Not at all.

The real reason was the mile walk! I had taken an anxiety break for a while, but I had to put an end to that! Anxiety hinders me from doing so much, but I’m glad I can at least recognize that and do better!

That’s Power!

Is there anything that anxiety keeps you from doing? How does it keep you from living your best life?

Stress is Overwhelming!


I’m not doing the greatest right now. For the last few days, I’ve been kind of stressed but not sure why. I think I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

Hubby and I have some things in the works and God is teaching us patience and strength right now. That’s not an easy place to be, but we both know that any blessing from God is worth waiting for!

There was a time in my life when I prayed to be right where I am now. I can’t now turn around and say it’s too much. When God gives you much, He requires much.

So, here I am, Lord! Continue to use me to be a blessing. I know you will always keep me covered.

Recovery Can Just Mean Rest


Recovery? (sigh)

I’m still recovering from my abutment procedure. I’ve only had one of the stitches come out so far. Still a few to go. I’m not as sore as I was so things are going well. I’ve been taking 500mg Tylenol every 4 hours just to keep the pain under control.

It’s funny how the less you do, the more tired you are. I get tired easily right now and I’m sure it’s due to this healing process. Not much to bring to the table today, but I’m grateful to be alive!

If you happen to be dealing with something heavy right now just know that it’s ok to rest. It’s ok to take a break and just BE. Every day doesn’t have to be a marathon…and a lot of times mental rest is just as important as physical rest.

Abutments (OMG): Dental Implants


I went to get my dental implants uncovered and abutments put on. First let me say I’m getting my work done at the VA hospital and I am incredibly grateful.

Now…I have four on top and four on the bottom.

First, they had to numb me. I normally don’t have any issues with the needle, but they had to numb my entire mouth. That meant at least twenty sticks in my gums! In the roof of my mouth (that was the worst!) and under my tongue. Everywhere! The numbing was by far the worst part. Cutting through the gums and adding the caps was ok. But the whole time they are doing it, I’m tensed up and expecting more pain at any second!

For anyone who must get this done on your entire mouth, get sedated if you can!

When they were done, they took X-rays to make sure the abutments were seated properly and then they had to stitch me up! I have never been so glad for a procedure to be over!

Now I just have to wait for the stitches to fall out and the swelling to go down. Then I get to go in for impressions! I keep hearing that all of this is worth it in the end…I’m sure it will be, but this has been a long and grueling process. Like I said in an earlier post:

Dental Implants are not for the faint of heart!

I was given Hydrocodone for pain and boy have I needed it! Bear with me if you don’t see me for a few days…I’m just healing…

6 Month Checkup: Dental Implants

I had full mouth dental implants placed on March 31st and today will be my 6-month checkup. I’ll find out if I am healed enough to go onto the next step which is adding the abutments.

Am I nervous? A little. I just want to keep moving forward. It’s been a long road with no teeth. My eating has gotten better, so that’s not that much of a hinderance anymore, but I’m anxious to see my new smile!

Sometimes I worry that the teeth won’t look right, but you know what? God set this whole thing into motion, and He always goes beyond anything you could imagine. I’m confident everything will be wonderful…because of Him. God has never let me down and He won’t today. Even if I have more healing to do before the next step, He’ll give me the patience to endure.

I will be sure to let you all know what happens!