I’ve struggled my whole life with fear and guilt. I’ve wallowed in those 2 things for so long, they have become a part of me. Therapy has helped, but it will always be battle for me.

Everyday, I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be afraid; of little things. I can be afraid to go out one day. On another day, I’m afraid to shower in the house when my husband is not here. These are things that only people who suffer with PTSD and anxiety like I do would understand.

I thank God for my husband, who shows me every day how much he loves me.

A few years back, I came across a song that has become very dear to me: The Breakup Song, by Francesca Battistelli. When I listen to this song, I feel understood and empowered! I will always fight for freedom from my demons. I will not give up.

Covid-19 and my mental health


It’s been a long few days. I feel like my body is beginning to be affected by the stress of this quarantine. It needs to end. At first, as a mental health patient, I thought the quarantine wasn’t really affecting me at all, but it may just be doing it in a different way.

I’m not exactly sick, but my gut isn’t doing well (that’s all I’ll say on that!).I feel like I’ve gained at least 10 lbs and I am really in need of my beautician and nail salon!!! It’s time to get back to real life people!

On the brighter side, my husband and I have learned a few new things about each other. LOL We missed our anniversary on March 17 due to Covid-19, but we really don’t want to ALSO miss celebrating his May birthday!

I’m going to rest today, knowing that this too shall pass.


It’s official. I am completely over this quarantine! I never thought I would say this, but I’m tired of being in the house! I’ve had enough. And we are having all of these pretty days and we can’t even go anywhere! What the heck?!

I live in Dallas, Texas and it’s supposed to get close to 90 degrees today! It’s going to be beautiful. My husband and I are going stir crazy in here! He’s working from home, so his days are truly running together. I hate it for him.

I guess I just had to get on here and vent this morning! Oh well, back to real life.

who is your alter ego?

I originally created the persona LenoreDallas to be my alter ego; a woman who is following her dreams and loving life.

That’s what I want for myself. I want to be confident in who I am. That is something I have struggled with my whole life. I always felt “not good enough”.

It’s time for me to shed that shell and give God the glory He deserves. He didn’t make me “less than”. I am beautiful and victorious!

God says so!!

Now, who is YOUR alter ego?