I’m thinking of ending things – Netflix

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I’m sitting here watching “I’m thinking of ending things” on Netflix. Somebody please tell me what the heck is going on!

As you can see, I spend lots of time on Netflix. I grew up spending long nights, staying up watching tv. I’ve been hooked since. My favorite genre is of course Reality tv; my guilty pleasure.

But one thing I can’t stand is putting something on and not understanding what the heck is going on! That’s what’s happening right now! Omg. I’m very thankful that this is a movie and not a series, because I’d feel guilty if I stopped after the first episode.

What else can I watch? I’m desperately in need of a new series. Just finished watching Virgin River and American Vandal; now THAT ONE was crazy! 😂😂 Every time I put something good in my queue and try to watch it, it’s some foreign film with the voiceovers…I hate the voiceovers!

So, then I switch to Hulu…there’s only 2 things that I’m currently watching on there:

The Rookie and The Rookie Feds! Who doesn’t love Niecy Nash?! ❤️ She’s hilarious! Is anyone watching Class of ‘09? It’s a new police drama series on Hulu. I was thinking of checking it out.

Oh well. I’ve ranted long enough about my tv watching habits. No, that’s not ALL I do! LOL It’s just one of my favorite pastimes. 😊 Check out some of my favorite series!

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Love is Blind Season 4 vs. Anxiety

Love is Blind Season 4

You know what I hate? Being woken up unexpectedly by a dog doing her morning shake next to your head!

Which means: I now have to get up, go downstairs and let her out…wait for her to pee and then let her back in.

Most people could then get back in bed and fall back asleep.


If that had not happened this morning, I would still be asleep until at least 10am. If you’ve read this blog for a minute then you know how much sleep is an effort for me. But today it was totally my fault cause when hubby asked if I wanted her in bed with me, I said yes.


Ok, I’m done ranting…time for coffee and Love is Blind Season 4!

I still love you, Moki. Mommy just gets anxious. 🤪🤪🤪