Temu: Competition for Shein?

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So how many of you have heard of Temu? I must admit, I have become hooked on the plethora of inexpensive, but useful items that the site has to offer. I’ve already made about 5 seperate purchases from there for different groups of household items like wall hooks, paint for arts and crafts and so much more.

I had a friend ask me had I ordered from there before since she was thinking about it, and I told her I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Temu so far. I just made my first order for a few pieces of clothing for the first time and I will let you all know how they come out. I normally do my online clothing shopping at Shein, but Temu has them beat on some of their prices, so I thought I’d try them. Check out an online Temu vs Shein Comparision here!

If you haven’t already, go and check out Temu and let me know if you’ve ordered clothes from there and what you think about them!

I have yet to order shoes from any of my online retailers, but that’s a whole other story!

Dental Implants: Wax Try Ins!

I finally got to see and test out my wax try ins! My appointment was on Friday and I was a little nervous, but VERY excited.

Let me just say, when she first put them in, I was thinking: there is no way these look right! They fill up my whole mouth! I felt like I had a mouth full of blocks! Then she gave me the mirror and I immediately noticed the place between my upper lip and my nose looked poked out with my mouth closed. I then started doing that wide, wide crazy smile to see all of the edges of the denture. The doctor immediately told me to stop doing that and just relax!

So, I did. She had me say a few things and it didn’t feel comfortable AT ALL. She told me to go into the restroom by myself and look in the big mirror. She said just relax and smile and take pictures and just sit with them for a minute.

So, I did that…and believe it or not, it helped. I was able to turn this way and that way and really see what I looked like without judgement. When I went back into her office, she asked me how I felt. I took a deep breath and said OK. She told me she thought they looked great and she was pleased with how they came out. I was too.

Let me just say, they look a lot better than they feel! It’s like trying to talk (again) with a mouth full of blocks! But from what I’ve researched, that’s normal at first. I’m going to have to get used to talking normal in them and eating is going to be a whole other challenge, BUT I will have my smile back! Everything else I can work on daily in private.

My permanents should be ready in a few weeks!

I cannot end this post without saying Thank you to God for these implants!

I’m thinking of ending things – Netflix


I’m sitting here watching “I’m thinking of ending things” on Netflix. Somebody please tell me what the heck is going on!

As you can see, I spend lots of time on Netflix. I grew up spending long nights, staying up watching tv. I’ve been hooked since. My favorite genre is of course Reality tv; my guilty pleasure.

But one thing I can’t stand is putting something on and not understanding what the heck is going on! That’s what’s happening right now! Omg. I’m very thankful that this is a movie and not a series, because I’d feel guilty if I stopped after the first episode.

What else can I watch? I’m desperately in need of a new series. Just finished watching Virgin River and American Vandal; now THAT ONE was crazy! 😂😂 Every time I put something good in my queue and try to watch it, it’s some foreign film with the voiceovers…I hate the voiceovers!

So, then I switch to Hulu…there’s only 2 things that I’m currently watching on there:

The Rookie and The Rookie Feds! Who doesn’t love Niecy Nash?! ❤️ She’s hilarious! Is anyone watching Class of ‘09? It’s a new police drama series on Hulu. I was thinking of checking it out.

Oh well. I’ve ranted long enough about my tv watching habits. No, that’s not ALL I do! LOL It’s just one of my favorite pastimes. 😊 Check out some of my favorite series!

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Online “Friendships” VS IRL Connections

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IRL Conundrum:

This week I noticed something online. I’m in a few Facebook groups; some for Veterans, some for women and some for over 50. It seems like I’m not the only person who would love to have people to do things with IRL instead of just people to talk to online. I’ve said hello in these groups to people in my area, but I can never figure out how to “get it offline!

I’ve been on social media and blogging for many years and I’ve made some great friends (if you can call them that) online. Those online relationships have gotten me through some really lonely times but I would really love to be able to call up someone and say hey, meet me for coffee…

Since I’m no longer in the workforce, I’m a little isolated. My Hubby works full time and so do some friends, so during the days it’s just me and Moki. I’ve been praying for God to send me ideas for getting out and connecting with more people; especially other retirees like me. I would love to meet and click with other people who have as much free time as I do! LOL

I’ve looked into Meetups and I couldn’t really find any that were current and relatable for me. And most online forums are just a way to AGAIN…talk online. There has to be a better way…

Today is a New Day

Today is a new day. It’s amazing how sometimes I can feel energized and other times I can barely get out of bed!

We had fun celebrating my husband’s birthday! I love any time that I get to spend out with him. It was nice for him not to have to worry about work or anything. He deserves the rest.

We also celebrated Mother’s Day together. He bought me a beautiful pajama set and we made one of our favorite meals: oxtails and potatoes. 🙂 I’m so grateful for everything God has blessed me with and it’s about time that I started on the next phase of growth (more on that later).

Thanks to all who stop by to check on me!

What’s up in your world?

Happy Birthday Dear Husband

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I must take this time to wish my Hubby a Happy birthday! We have been married now for 6 years and this has been the best time of my life.

Cedric and I met at work in downtown Dallas. He says I pursued him, but I was just trying to be friends. 🙂 He was so tall and handsome and I loved his voice! What attracted me to him the most though, was his love for the God. Him and I were both Christians who love to read. I walked by his desk one day and he had a James Patterson book there and I stopped and asked him about it. It’s not often that I would come across a man who liked to read so I was immediately intrigued.

Six years later and here we are: In love and looking forward to our future together. Thank you, Lord, for bringing this wonderful man into my life and showing me what real love feels like.

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