Painting with a Twist!

****Why did I write this post in November and never published it?!****

Well, here it is! Sorry! LOL It’s been a lot going on! LMAO

I must say, November has been a wonderful birthday month! So many things are falling into place, and I realize I am happier this year than I have ever been.

So, to start it off, we made an appointment with Painting with a Twist! We had such a fun time! It was my second time going and his first time. He laughed the whole time and really enjoyed himself. Our instructor BJ was awesome and kept everything light and fun! Painting is something we will do again soon!

Going forward, Hubby and I have decided to start doing more things together outside of the house. We need to become more active as well. We are moving soon and can’t wait to get bicycles!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday balloons

I thank God for allowing me to see another birthday! So many others didn’t wake up this morning. When I look back on my life, we have come so far.

I’m turning 51 today and I feel like I have so much more living to do! Thank you God for my family, my friends and my online community!

Exciting Casino Girls Trip!

Guess what I did this weekend? I went on a casino girl’s trip! It was my first one in a long time. I wasn’t going to go because of my teeth (or lack of them), but I changed my mind. Me and three friends drove to Bossier City, Louisiana and stayed at the Horseshoe Casino. We ended up over at Margaritaville, which we liked much better than Horseshoe! One of the ladies’ cousins joined us from Mississippi and we had a wonderful time!

I haven’t posted in a bit, I know. Things have been a little stressful and hectic here, but God is still in control. The last time I posted, I mentioned that we were waiting to see if we were approved for the townhome. We got approved! We will be moving in in January! That’s one important thing taken care of.

God is moving things around for us and we are so grateful. Important things are on the horizon!

God Brings Peace = Satan Brings Confusion

This last week has been crazy!

I was waiting to see if we were gonna get this townhome we were looking at, but that still hasn’t been resolved. But it’s funny how you can be so upset or confused about something and then God will provide a solution and within an instant, you’re at peace again. That’s how you know it was God!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what move God wants you to make. And it doesn’t help that as soon as you ask God what to do, the devil steps in and tries to lure your attention away.

I’m just thankful that I’ve grown in Christ, and I have learned to trust Him with everything that I am!

I spent yesterday and all last night suffering from allergies. It came on so suddenly I refuse to believe that’s all it was. Stress was involved. It was like nothing I took would help! I finally passed out after 1am and was able to get some rest. My husband and I both are waiting for God to move a mountain and we refuse to lose faith!

God Bless Military Veterans

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And I want to say thank you to every other Veteran who helped serve this country. I went into the Army at the age of nineteen and now I see that God had that planned for me and I am very thankful. Why? Because my past military service has allowed me blessings in my current life.

I often think about how hard it is out here for people with no health insurance. I’m a big supporter of the VA Hospital and most of my interactions there have been positive. I don’t know how I would pay for my meds without the VA. When I was younger, I didn’t appreciate my military service like I should have. But that was probably because I was busy trying to recover from some of the traumatic events I had to endure while serving; but that’s a story for another time.

I am thankful for being a veteran. There were some things that were painful during my military service, but God has borne blessings out of my pain.

Happy Veterans Day!

What I Hate About Moving!

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I’m excited! We are moving soon! (In 2 months) We have already started packing and getting ready to move out of our apartment. We will be going from here to a townhouse for about 2 years until we are ready to purchase our first home. Moving is always such a lengthy process but we know that this will be our last move before purchasing our forever home.

I’m excited! Stressed, but excited. We are waiting for confirmation from the place we applied for that we have loved since the first day we came across it! This is part of the new beginnings I feel like we are stepping into. Over the years, I’ve learned to discern when God is trying to do a new thing in my life. I am open, willing, and prepared to do what needs to be done. I’m grateful that my husband and I are on the same page!

This will be my first move as a retired wife, so most of the packing will be on me. I’ve already started, but I may need to go back and get rid of some things. I hate dragging a bunch of old stuff to a new place. If I’m not using it and it’s been packed up for 6 months, what’s the point?! Like my sister said, I can get rid of it!

I’m expecting moving boxes today, so I can continue packing and preparing! I love the excitement but hate all the work!