Depression Slump

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I’ve been putting off blogging for the last few days. I was in a hole. I’ve got to admit, my depression had gotten the best of me. I ended up isolated for about a week and it wreaked havoc on my mental state. I often forget how important it is to get out of the house. It’s like I get stuck inside for a few days and the longer I stay in, the harder it is for me to get out.

During this “down” week, I’ve had lots of crazy dreams. I notice that they get weirder when I’m depressed. I was able to feel better over the weekend though. It helps that I can confide in my husband how I am feeling. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words, but he’s learned me over the last 6 years. I so appreciate his support.

I think part of the depression was due to stress. I had been overthinking my dentist appointment and just praying that we would be able to move onto the next step. I’m so thankful that the appointment was a success and my next one will be to check out my wax try ins! I’m almost at the end of this dental implant journey and it’s been a long time coming.

I think the implants and a few other things were just all wearing on me. The load got a little heavy. One day at a time.

God Has Been Speaking to Me

For the last week or so I’ve felt the cloak of depression. At first, I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling, but as the days went on, I realized it for what it was. I told my husband that I was feeling frustrated, and he asked me about what? At the time, I didn’t have an answer. I was just feeling irritated and stressed and didn’t know why.

Last night, I realized why. I’m frustrated with myself. I get so down on myself sometimes when I think about my limitations. I’m afraid about my dental appointment coming up and I’m feeling more and more pain in my hips, but I know it’s from inactivity. I’m frustrated because I’m not progressing the way I should be.

I’m tired of letting things hold me back from doing what I need to do.

I had a long prayer with God today. I really need his help. I need strength. And I KNOW I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Thank you, Lord, for clarity. Help me to do the things daily that I need to do to get to the next level of my life. I’m tired of holding myself back.

2 Things I Need a Break From, Right Now!

Do you need a break? From what?

Surely I need a break. Yes indeed! What do I need a break from? So many things! But I will tell you my top 2.

  • Feeling unattractive. It’s been 11 months now waiting to get my dental implants. It’s hard to look in the mirror and not recognize who you see. It’s a journey.
  • Worrying about money. My family has come so far and we are so blessed. God always provides; so why worry?

I recognize that my anxiety/depression have a lot to do with these 2 things so I try hard to keep them in perspective. I’m so thankful for my husband and his support and understanding. I couldn’t make it through this journey without God and him.

I’m working on myself daily. It’s slow going but progress is progress. One day at a time.

Too Many Balls In The Air

It feels like I have too many balls in the air right now! Sometimes I feel frazzled when too much is happening!

My surgery on the 26th of January went well. I’m back to eating mush until my gums heal, but they are coming along. They are more painful now than when I had the teeth extracted. I guess that’s from the gum “shaving”! In another week or two, the stitches should have come out and I can go back in to redo my impressions.

We are steadily settling into the townhome. There are a lot of differences from the old apartment, but that’s what we wanted. Moki hasn’t truly gotten to enjoy the backyard yet, especially now with the ice coverage. Spring is coming for her!

Hubby is home with us until Friday because of this Texas weather. I always love his company ❤️. We have been watching Netflix, Prime and Hulu like crazy! We started a new series on Prime this morning called Three Pines. We are only on episode 3, but it seems pretty good. Hubby and I love a good mystery!

I’m really looking forward to this weather breaking. I’m not a fan of winter at all. It’s actually kind of depressing. Moki doesn’t seem to like it much either! Life goes on. We shall be victorious! 😅


What many people don’t understand is that people with depression have so many things to deal with that they don’t ever get mentioned. The thoughts about everything going on can really weigh on you. We have a whole second set of things to handle beyond the surface. All I can do is my best.

5 Habits Retirees Should Develop

Retiree Enjoying Retirement

How many retirees do I have out there?

Did u know that one of the antonyms for retirement is advancement?

I do understand that retirement means the end of your day job and your “work” but is it the end of your advancement?
Absolutely not!

It’s almost like retirement is the beginning! It’s when you finally get to try all the things you had to pass up because of work. It’s when you finally must sit with yourself and get reacquainted! Think about that:

” Get reacquainted with yourself”

For those of us who suffer from anxiety and depression, this can be life changing. A lot of us struggle with our feelings when we first retire. There is some self-doubt when we realize that our worth may have been tied up in our jobs/careers. And now we have all this free time for self-loathing.

For me, I had to resituate my life. (Is that a word? Not sure) 😳. There are three things I’ve realized that I need to do every day to enjoy my retirement. No if, ands or buts about it!

1. Wake up and realize how blessed I am to make it to retirement. There are 70-year-old people out there still working and wishing they could retire! Not only that, but how many people do you know who didn’t even live long enough to retire? You are blessed. Don’t forget that!

2. Get outside. This one is hard for me. Sometimes I have to force myself not to isolate. But I know that if I just get out, I will feel so much better! The first step is the hardest!

3. Do something I enjoy. That’s blogging, digital photography, arts and crafts or playing Sims4 on pc.

What things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Retired or not, don’t let life get you down! Chronic illnesses and all; get up and enjoy your life!

Will My Excitement Ever Rule the World?


I’m so excited!

That may seem like a small thing to most people, but for someone who suffers from depression, it’s gigantic! When did you last experience excitement?

The last few years has been rough. I had some wonderful things happen and some not-so-wonderful things happen. But the whole time I was fighting to get my passion back!

It had been years since I had written my last blog post and I was even trying my hand at an online business, but I’d lost it.

My passion was gone. I still loved my family and had good days and bad days, but the fire for my creativity had gone out. And this week…has been amazing! I’m enjoying blogging again and I even have plans for another online venture!

I prayed to God to give me my energy and zest back and He has done it! I sat online today for 2 hours watching videos and tutorials and trying to learn as much as I can. It feels good to be back doing what I’ve loved for so long!