Time to Remove the Cloak


After talking to my therapist last week, I have been trying to realize the negative thoughts that I have WHEN I have them so that I can practice “letting them go”. I realize that once a thought gets into my head, I kind of run with it and when it’s a negative one, it can influence your entire day.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t know that you could control your thoughts. I believed you had to think whatever fell into your head.

Not so.

When you’re forced to deal with the public all day, it can be extremely hard to stay on point. The first few days I tried letting go of the negative as it came, it worked wonderfully. But by day 3, I was struggling. I have to literally take it minute by minute.

My depression has me feeling like I am wearing a heavy cloak on my shoulders. I’m tired of lugging it around. I’ve got to let it go.

Lord please help me.

Amazing What One Day Will Do

A few days ago was a bugger! I had this big, long blog post to put on here, but my husband let me know that I may have needed to adjust it alittle before I posted it. I decided it was more of a personal rant and I decided to not post it at all.

Some days are worse than others. I had to take yesterday off just to breathe and I am always amazed at how much better I feel. Sometimes, when you have an invisible illness, it’s easy to feel guilty when you feel like you need a break. There are times when you can’t really explain why you need a break, you just DO!

But the way I stop feeling guilty about it is by realizing how much better I feel after I get a minute to myself. I can think. I can plan. I can be productive on my own terms. I need that.

I would love to one day be at home permanently, but until then, I just ask God to help me to take it one day at a time.

Are You Traveling Life’s Highways Alone?

I have a question for  my fellow depression sufferers:

Is it hard for you to do things  that other people do so easily? (everyday things like work, taking care of kids, commuting, etc.)

Do you ever feel “less than” because you feel like you can’t keep up?

I struggle with this daily….It can be so exhausting….

What exactly?