Packing and Coughing

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Packing and coughing! So much crap since my last blog post! It’s funny how I mentioned the devil and there he came!

Last time I was here I was talking about how my husband was sick. Oh, my goodness! I ended up getting exactly what he had. Only mine was worse. To be honest I’m still a little under the weather and at this point I’m realizing that I keep having issues with my blood pressure dropping. I’m not sure what’s causing it but I’ll have to talk to my doctor soon and find out.

At this time when everything is going wonderfully and we are both so excited about everything, I go and get sick, which puts a damper on the whole thing, but that’s okay because I’m nearing the end of it.

The apartment is filling up with boxes slowly but surely. I expect to feel better tomorrow and will be able to continue the packing my husband started this weekend. We both feel a new beginning coming on!

Morning Coffee Breakthrough

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I feel like today is going to be a slow day. I’m here with my cup of coffee and Moki trying to figure out my plans. I know I need to pack some things. We are moving to a townhouse in February and so I’ve been trying to pack slowly so I don’t feel overwhelmed at the last minute. But truth be told, my sister made a good point when I mentioned this to her:

“You can throw all of that stuff out because you obviously don’t need it”.

Meaning, if I can pack it up six months out, then do I really need it at all? I hadn’t thought of it that way! It makes me want to go back through what I’ve packed and reevaluate everything! I’ve been told by my husband that I do tend to hold onto things for no reason.

OK. I guess that’s my plan for this day. To purge. This move starts a new journey in our lives, so I need to let go of the old to make room for the new!

PS. In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I just want to say that I appreciate everyone who has ever stopped by my blog. I so appreciate the love and encouragement from all of you!