Moving Day Success

cardboard boxes on living room
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Moving day with my son was a success. He moved into a smaller one bedroom, since he didn’t need a study anymore. I didn’t do any lifting but I did help with packing and cleaning. LOL I was exhausted by the time I got home but I’m so grateful I was able to help him.

He had 2 great friends come over and help with the heavy lifting. God always makes a way! I don’t know what I would do without Him.

Things have been pretty calm lately. Hubby and I are just trying to concentrate on getting some things done over the next few months. It’s really amazing when I sit back and think of all of the things God has done for us. Like I was telling my son, God has truly brought us a long way! I look back at our lives 7 years ago and you wouldn’t even recognize it.

Too Many Balls In The Air

It feels like I have too many balls in the air right now! Sometimes I feel frazzled when too much is happening!

My surgery on the 26th of January went well. I’m back to eating mush until my gums heal, but they are coming along. They are more painful now than when I had the teeth extracted. I guess that’s from the gum “shaving”! In another week or two, the stitches should have come out and I can go back in to redo my impressions.

We are steadily settling into the townhome. There are a lot of differences from the old apartment, but that’s what we wanted. Moki hasn’t truly gotten to enjoy the backyard yet, especially now with the ice coverage. Spring is coming for her!

Hubby is home with us until Friday because of this Texas weather. I always love his company ❤️. We have been watching Netflix, Prime and Hulu like crazy! We started a new series on Prime this morning called Three Pines. We are only on episode 3, but it seems pretty good. Hubby and I love a good mystery!

I’m really looking forward to this weather breaking. I’m not a fan of winter at all. It’s actually kind of depressing. Moki doesn’t seem to like it much either! Life goes on. We shall be victorious! 😅


What many people don’t understand is that people with depression have so many things to deal with that they don’t ever get mentioned. The thoughts about everything going on can really weigh on you. We have a whole second set of things to handle beyond the surface. All I can do is my best.

Life Changes: We Are All Moved In

We have finally moved to the next city over into a townhouse. We finally have a backyard for Moki to run around in (not that she is enjoying it yet). I don’t think she realizes that it’s hers. There is some work that needs to be done to it, but we’re excited! . We have boxes and crap everywhere, but we are finally in here!

Small Backyard for Moki

Our plan is to rent here for 2 to 3 years and then finance a home…our first.

We have a million boxes to unpack before I can settle in but Cedric did a lot of work to get the important things done. Most of the kitchen and living room are livable, so I can manage. I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I am still around! Just busy!

Our new neighborhood has a Walkability score of 60, so I’m anxious to get moving. I’ve gained a few pounds back and I’m not happy about it! We want this move to be a new beginning for our family and it will be as long as we make some necessary changes.

Thank you, Lord, that the move went smoothly.

Packing and Coughing

Packing and coughing! So much crap since my last blog post! It’s funny how I mentioned the devil and there he came!

Last time I was here I was talking about how my husband was sick. Oh, my goodness! I ended up getting exactly what he had. Only mine was worse. To be honest I’m still a little under the weather and at this point I’m realizing that I keep having issues with my blood pressure dropping. I’m not sure what’s causing it but I’ll have to talk to my doctor soon and find out.

At this time when everything is going wonderfully and we are both so excited about everything, I go and get sick, which puts a damper on the whole thing, but that’s okay because I’m nearing the end of it.

The apartment is filling up with boxes slowly but surely. I expect to feel better tomorrow and will be able to continue the packing my husband started this weekend. We both feel a new beginning coming on!

What I Hate About Moving!

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I’m excited! We are moving soon! (In 2 months) We have already started packing and getting ready to move out of our apartment. We will be going from here to a townhouse for about 2 years until we are ready to purchase our first home. Moving is always such a lengthy process but we know that this will be our last move before purchasing our forever home.

I’m excited! Stressed, but excited. We are waiting for confirmation from the place we applied for that we have loved since the first day we came across it! This is part of the new beginnings I feel like we are stepping into. Over the years, I’ve learned to discern when God is trying to do a new thing in my life. I am open, willing, and prepared to do what needs to be done. I’m grateful that my husband and I are on the same page!

This will be my first move as a retired wife, so most of the packing will be on me. I’ve already started, but I may need to go back and get rid of some things. I hate dragging a bunch of old stuff to a new place. If I’m not using it and it’s been packed up for 6 months, what’s the point?! Like my sister said, I can get rid of it!

I’m expecting moving boxes today, so I can continue packing and preparing! I love the excitement but hate all the work!

Morning Coffee Breakthrough

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I feel like today is going to be a slow day. I’m here with my cup of coffee and Moki trying to figure out my plans. I know I need to pack some things. We are moving to a townhouse in February and so I’ve been trying to pack slowly so I don’t feel overwhelmed at the last minute. But truth be told, my sister made a good point when I mentioned this to her:

“You can throw all of that stuff out because you obviously don’t need it”.

Meaning, if I can pack it up six months out, then do I really need it at all? I hadn’t thought of it that way! It makes me want to go back through what I’ve packed and reevaluate everything! I’ve been told by my husband that I do tend to hold onto things for no reason.

OK. I guess that’s my plan for this day. To purge. This move starts a new journey in our lives, so I need to let go of the old to make room for the new!

PS. In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I just want to say that I appreciate everyone who has ever stopped by my blog. I so appreciate the love and encouragement from all of you!