Do You Like My Painting?

Sunset Painting
Sunset Painting at the Summit

I had a fun time this morning at The Summit! I went to my first You Can Paint class. The title was Early Morning on Mustang Island. I’ve only painted once before, and it was watercolor. This one was oil and I really enjoyed myself. The class had about fifteen people and four of us were first timers. I met an awesome lady named Betty and we laughed through the whole class. The instructor Kristen was amazing! I’m thankful for her patience and knowledge.

I’m really blessed to have found The Summit. Many of the patrons come multiple times a week and I really enjoy the activities. They have Book Club tomorrow and I wouldn’t mind checking that out.

Don’t forget, if you’re fifty or older and looking for something fun, check out The Summit in Grand Prairie!

Step Out: The Summit

The Summit logo

Today I got to visit The Summit in Grand Prairie which is a recreational facility for people fifty and over. My husband found out about it and let me know (he’s 42). I had no idea they had something like this in my city. I was really impressed. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of a program I used to be in at the Dallas VA Hospital.

They have so many clubs and things to do. This is JUST what I need in my retirement! I’ve been looking for something like this to help me manage my days so that I’m not just sitting around looking at my dog!

I was looking at the schedule for August and there are trips, club meetings and there is even a movie theater onsite. It’ a shame that I can’t enjoy the facility with my husband, but it does give me the opportunity to step out on my own and do something just for me.

This morning I only spent an hour there, but I got to use the indoor walking track. It was great to walk inside. I had a view of the surrounding area and the pool while walking. Next, I’ll have to walk and then tackle the fitness machines. There was even a place there to get water and small plates.

Even though I’ve only been one time, I recommend The Summit to anyone living in Grand Prairie or the surrounding area to check it out. They have memberships for residents and non-residents.