God Made Nature For Your Benefit

I’m not really an “outside” person. I enjoy long days at the computer, reading a book or on my bed writing in a journal. But as I have gotten older (I’m 44), I’ve come to realize that when I spend even just a few minutes outdoors and in the sun, I immediately feel better.

As someone who suffers from depression, I now realize how important it is to get out for at least just a few minutes a day. Everything we need, God has provided in nature. We have gotten so processed as a people, we really need to go back to the basics for what we need.

God made it for you. It works better than any pill ever made by man!

What Do You See in YOUR City?

That’s a good question. What DO you see when you’re out and about? I thank God for my ability to see the beauty in everyday things.

There is SO much to see out here in this great world that God has created, but sometimes we get stuck seeing just the four walls of our little “life box”.

Stop looking inside your box and expand your view. God made a beautiful world for you to live in and enjoy!