A November To Remember!

What a month November has been! It went by really fast, but it was a great month for me. My son turned 26 and I turned 52! What a blessing! My hubby took me to Chocktaw Casino for the weekend and we had a blast! We didn’t win much, but it was a great getaway!

I can’t believe that the year is almost over! I’m so grateful to still be “in the land of the living”, like the old folks used to say!

Aside from birthdays, not too much has been happening.

It’s a great thing when you realize you don’t have drama and chaos in your life. I have a wonderful life and I thank God for it everyday!

The Happiness is Real

This picture represents my happiness. This is the happiest I have been in my whole life and I am so thankful to God for providing me with a husband who loves me and a wonderful, handsome son who is doing well in life!

I had a good talk with him the other day about my need to refocus and get some things back on track. Sometimes, when you give a voice to things, they become more real. I thank God for always having my back no matter how many times I lose focus!

I’ve set things in motion as far as my health and I want to stick with it. I’m challenging myself to do certain things for the month of September. I am keeping a daily record to be accountable. I’ve found that writing lists and keeping notes is something that helps me stay with things.

I’ve got to keep pushing. God has blessed me too much for me to give up now!

30 Little Happy Things

List 30 things that make you happy.

Shopping with Hubby (makes me feel safe and loved)

Kissing on my Moki (she loves to cuddle)

Watching an amazing series on Netflix with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s

Playing games on my phone (Words with Friends, Woodoku and Monopoly Go)

Arts and crafts

Playing Sims 4

Visiting my son

Being able to do more than window shop

Thinking about God’s blessings

Getting my hair and nails done (makes me feel beautiful)

Bath and Body Works (so many possibilities!)

My Temu hauls (one order a week)

Seeing my son succeed (He is doing so well in life)

Hearing my Husband tell me he loves me (it fills my heart)

Watching Inkmaster with Hubby (we love critiquing everyone)

Dollar store shopping

Tasting Hubbys amazing cooking (OMG, his hot wings!)

First cup of coffee in silence (No convo. Just coffee.)

Watching Moki enjoy the dog park

Listening to Joyce Meyer first thing in the morning

Dutch Bros

5 Below visits (this little store makes me smile)

Visiting a book store (new books, so many possibilities!)

Thrift store shopping

Being able to pay all of my bills

My IPad (my baby)

Buying things for Hubby (His love language is Gifts)

Hearing my husband’s laugh (makes me smile)

Texting my son throughout the day (I always text something goofy)

Thinking about our future (It’s so bright!)

Anniversary Cruise!

Describe your most memorable vacation.

Our 5th wedding anniversary was by far the best vacation ever! Cedric and I decided to take a cruise for our anniversary. This was a first for both of us!

We flew from Dallas to Miami and stayed over one night. We got our first taste of conch while in the city! We rested up that night and hit the shuttle that next morning headed to the cruise terminal!

We were both so excited! We took our first cruise with Carnival on the Conquest. It was affordable and I think it was the perfect cruise for beginners. We decided to do a 3 day since we weren’t really sure what to expect.

We had such a wonderful time! I will never forget the feeling of awe every time I sat out on our balcony. The wind…the peacefulness…the beauty!

I thank God for blessing us with that wonderful vacation. It will always be one of the most special ones in my life.

We Have Come a Long Way: Blessed

Good morning, friends. I’m up taking care of business this morning, at the car dealer. Lexus never disappoints. 😊 Always outstanding service.

I was talking to two friends of mine on two separate occasions about how absolutely outrageous prices are right now. We were discussing food and housing prices.

One of my friends lives in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Prices there are even crazier than they are here in Texas. Sometimes I get down when my money is short, but God has blessed my family and He will continue to.

If I look at our life 5 years ago, we are in such a better place. We hope to move into our own home by 2025. I’m so blessed to have a 25-year-old son who is on his own and doing well.

Our beginning was hard. My ex-husband left me and my son when he was only 3 years old. We endured being homeless, staying in hotels and so many other things. BUT GOD!

Now, I have a wonderful life, with a wonderful man who loves me and no matter how hard things get from time to time, I. AM. BLESSED.

Blessings vs Distractions

It’s amazing how when God starts blessing you the devil always steps in to try to distract you!

God is doing so many amazing things in our life right now.

  • We are moving to a townhouse next month. We have been waiting to get into this place for a minute!
  • Hubby is starting his new Federal job tomorrow!

He was just notified on Friday and then woke up on Saturday SICK! We have him on TheraFlu and I’m praying hard that he feels better soon! But thankfully, his first 3 days of orientation are virtual, so he won’t have to go anywhere until Thursday. We will have him well by then!

Even though he is sick, he is still extremely excited and so am I! We have been so stressed out waiting for these two things to come through and now that they have, we can focus on moving forward! I can now go back to doing what I need to do health wise. Sometimes when things get stupid, it’s hard to stay focused on things like exercise and eating healthy. But since I’ve hit 50, it’s become mandatory!

Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings!