Today is a New Day


Today is a new day. It’s amazing how sometimes I can feel energized and other times I can barely get out of bed!

We had fun celebrating my husband’s birthday! I love any time that I get to spend out with him. It was nice for him not to have to worry about work or anything. He deserves the rest.

We also celebrated Mother’s Day together. He bought me a beautiful pajama set and we made one of our favorite meals: oxtails and potatoes. 🙂 I’m so grateful for everything God has blessed me with and it’s about time that I started on the next phase of growth (more on that later).

Thanks to all who stop by to check on me!

What’s up in your world?

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday balloons

I thank God for allowing me to see another birthday! So many others didn’t wake up this morning. When I look back on my life, we have come so far.

I’m turning 51 today and I feel like I have so much more living to do! Thank you God for my family, my friends and my online community!

Today Is My Birthday!

I turn half a century today! Its my birthday! It’s amazing when I think about all that God has done for me over the years.

I was a single parent, struggling to raise my son, who is now 24 years old and thriving.

We suffered an apartment building fire and not a hair on our heads was touched.

My son and I were homeless for a minute and my family stepped in and showed us abundant love.

We went 8 years without a vehicle and had to struggle on the buses or walk everywhere.

I’m a T2 Diabetic, who suffers from PTSD and Depression, has had kidney cancer and a few other ailments.

I am now medically retired and in love with a wonderful man who adores me!

God loves me!

I owe everything I am and have to Jesus Christ!