30 Little Happy Things

List 30 things that make you happy.

Shopping with Hubby (makes me feel safe and loved)

Kissing on my Moki (she loves to cuddle)

Watching an amazing series on Netflix with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s

Playing games on my phone (Words with Friends, Woodoku and Monopoly Go)

Arts and crafts

Playing Sims 4

Visiting my son

Being able to do more than window shop

Thinking about God’s blessings

Getting my hair and nails done (makes me feel beautiful)

Bath and Body Works (so many possibilities!)

My Temu hauls (one order a week)

Seeing my son succeed (He is doing so well in life)

Hearing my Husband tell me he loves me (it fills my heart)

Watching Inkmaster with Hubby (we love critiquing everyone)

Dollar store shopping

Tasting Hubbys amazing cooking (OMG, his hot wings!)

First cup of coffee in silence (No convo. Just coffee.)

Watching Moki enjoy the dog park

Listening to Joyce Meyer first thing in the morning

Dutch Bros

5 Below visits (this little store makes me smile)

Visiting a book store (new books, so many possibilities!)

Thrift store shopping

Being able to pay all of my bills

My IPad (my baby)

Buying things for Hubby (His love language is Gifts)

Hearing my husband’s laugh (makes me smile)

Texting my son throughout the day (I always text something goofy)

Thinking about our future (It’s so bright!)

Strong Optimist who Loves God

How would you describe yourself to someone?

I am strong. There have been many reasons in my life to just lie down and give up, but I’m still pushing.

I used to consider myself pessimistic, but I’m not that anymore. God has opened my eyes to my many blessings and I have faith that there are many more to come.

So, I am a strong, optimist who loves God.

Dental Implants: I Have My Finals!!!

My dental implants are now complete! I’m just back from the dentist and I couldn’t wait to get on here and tell y’all that I finally have my new set of teeth!

For those that are new here, I had all of my remaining teeth extracted in March of 2022. Implants were installed and I opted to go without dentures until I could get my final snap-ins! I went and got them this morning!! I’m gonna be honest, this was a long, hard process but it was worth the wait!

I’m going to have to learn to talk and eat all over again, but that’s ok. I’m just gonna take it slow and it’ll get there.

I really appreciate everyone’s support. (I think I’m a little excited!!)

God, you are too good!

Virgin Voyages Cruise!

What are your future travel plans?

In January 2024, Hubby and I will start planning for our 2025 cruise on Virgin Cruise Line! It will be our 2nd cruise and our first one on Virgin. The first one was with Carnival. We had a great time, but it was a little too many kids for us!

Virgin is for adults only, so we’re intrigued. I’ve been researching what kinds of activities they have and the different things to see. We have invited my 25-year-old son to join us but I’m not sure if it will be his speed!

If you’ve cruised on Virgin, I’d love to hear what you thought of it!