Netflix Series: Must Watch!

I’m addicted to Netflix Series!! Help!

I know it’s been a few minutes since my last post, so please forgive me. I’m trying to put more focus into actually getting things done instead of writing about them. LOL Cheer me on!!

Right now, I’m trying to really pay attention to what I’m eating. Being a diabetic is hard and it feels like even if I try to eat “better” I’m still eating wrong for a diabetic. It feels like a no-win situation. If I try to eat “less”, it’s ok but I’m still eating too many carbs. For example: a sandwich.

All I can do is my best. God knows my heart and I really am trying to do better. Aside from my food issues, let’s talk about my Netflix time! Yes, I am still stuck on series…

I just finished watching Fall of the House of Usher. OMG, what a series!! It was so easy to get into considering how they started, with the main character going back in time. Some things really rubbed me the wrong way in Episode 2 with the club scene and the satanic sounding music and lyrics! That was a bit much, but after that, it began to flow and I got into it.

I was also going back and watching the old seasons of Love is Blind. Season 2 with Shake! OMG, that was by far the best season! I also checked out Surviving Paradise. This one was really good and I definitely had some folks on there that made my blood boil every time they were on screen! One word: Tabitha!!

Right now, I’m watching Love in the Wild. I’m in the middle of it right now and so far, I like it. Not sure if it will be one of my favorites, but I’m enjoying it. Next on my list is Six Feet Under and The Family Business.

Let me know what you think of these if you have watched any!

Are My Hobbies Weird?

Daily writing prompt
What is your favorite hobby or pastime?

There are a lot of things that I consider hobbies, but the main ones are:

  • Certain Arts and Crafts
  • Journaling and Blogging
  • Bingeing Netflix Series

Right now, I’m watching the new season of Love is Blind. I have seen a few of the other seasons, but not all of them. I have a few of my arts and crafts hung in my office, so maybe I will show you a few of them in another post!

I have loved television since I was a child. I used to sit up at night and watch Get Smart and Three’s Company while everyone else was asleep.LOL I watch movies every now and then, but television will always have my heart!

Life, Squats and Ru Paul!

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Life. Whether you are enjoying it or hating it, it goes on; with or without you, so chin up!

I’ve been practicing keeping focused in September. It’s working, but it’s hard. They are so many things that I am working towards and I know that with God all things are possible!

Lately my days consist of watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race reruns and trying to get to 1000 squats this month (with St. Jude). I haven’t tallied them up yet I’m just trying to do at least 30 a day. Some days I missed and one day I only did 20 but hey, I’m still trying!

No matter how hard things get, I always remember how blessed I am. God has never failed me, and He never will!

Updates For Monday 8/21

I always start off Mondays thinking of how much needs to be done. Even though I’m retired, I still stress over this. I get up making mental lists of everything that needs to be done at home. I normally get 2 or 3 things done and then just quit; too overwhelming…

Permanent Smile

But as always, I’m thankful to see this day. I’m getting along fine with my new smile. Eating with them takes tons of practice, but as long as you do it slowly, it works.

I went to the gym

I happened to go to the gym the other day. I didn’t get a whole lot done but I still felt good afterwards! I mainly did strength training. That’s what I want to concentrate on going forward.

Depp v Heard

Not too much new and exciting is going on right now. I did watch Depp v Heard on Netflix and thought it was really interesting considering I didn’t watch any of the trial. From day one, I have always believed she lied. Sorry. Not sorry.


I’m getting really tired of playing fish and farmland games and trying to win these free items! I have friends on Facebook who have won items, so I’m trying to hang in there! I will let you know if Temu comes through!

I’m hoping to visit my son this week, so hopefully next Monday, I will have some nice pics to share! Hope all is well with everyone reading. What’s your life update for this Monday?

I’m thinking of ending things – Netflix

I’m sitting here watching “I’m thinking of ending things” on Netflix. Somebody please tell me what the heck is going on!

As you can see, I spend lots of time on Netflix. I grew up spending long nights, staying up watching tv. I’ve been hooked since. My favorite genre is of course Reality tv; my guilty pleasure.

But one thing I can’t stand is putting something on and not understanding what the heck is going on! That’s what’s happening right now! Omg. I’m very thankful that this is a movie and not a series, because I’d feel guilty if I stopped after the first episode.

What else can I watch? I’m desperately in need of a new series. Just finished watching Virgin River and American Vandal; now THAT ONE was crazy! 😂😂 Every time I put something good in my queue and try to watch it, it’s some foreign film with the voiceovers…I hate the voiceovers!

So, then I switch to Hulu…there’s only 2 things that I’m currently watching on there:

The Rookie and The Rookie Feds! Who doesn’t love Niecy Nash?! ❤️ She’s hilarious! Is anyone watching Class of ‘09? It’s a new police drama series on Hulu. I was thinking of checking it out.

Oh well. I’ve ranted long enough about my tv watching habits. No, that’s not ALL I do! LOL It’s just one of my favorite pastimes. 😊 Check out some of my favorite series!

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