My Motivation Comes From…

Daily writing prompt
What motivates you?
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I’m going to be honest: Most of my motivation comes from my husband. If it wasn’t for him being my support and understanding the things that I deal with daily, I’m not sure how my life would be right now.

Hubby has pushed me to do more to enjoy life and he’s shown me how to see myself through his eyes, as a beautiful soul. He pushes me to be better every day.

I thank God for bringing this man into my life!

Happy Birthday Dear Husband

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I must take this time to wish my Hubby a Happy birthday! We have been married now for 6 years and this has been the best time of my life.

Cedric and I met at work in downtown Dallas. He says I pursued him, but I was just trying to be friends. 🙂 He was so tall and handsome and I loved his voice! What attracted me to him the most though, was his love for the God. Him and I were both Christians who love to read. I walked by his desk one day and he had a James Patterson book there and I stopped and asked him about it. It’s not often that I would come across a man who liked to read so I was immediately intrigued.

Six years later and here we are: In love and looking forward to our future together. Thank you, Lord, for bringing this wonderful man into my life and showing me what real love feels like.

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Positive Change from Attitude of Poverty

Daily writing prompt
Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

One positive change that my husband helped me with was letting go of my attitude of poverty.

When he met me, I was a single parent of a 17-year-old. We had been on our own since my son was 3. It was a really long, hard road and my son and I had been through so much. I was so used to surviving that I didn’t really know what “living” was about.

Everything I bought was the cheapest. I had to save every penny I could. I never splurged on anything! Everything was about survival for me and my son.

My husband came into my life and taught me how to treat myself. He convinced me that I did indeed deserve good things. He helped me to break out of my poverty mentality and learn to live a little. I’m so thankful that I didn’t waste my whole life in survival mode.

Happy With Hubby

When are you most happy?

This is gonna sound weird but I am happiest when laying in bed with my husband. I feel safe and loved and I thank God every day for bringing this wonderful man into my life. He loves me in a way I’ve never been loved before.

March 17 will be our 6 year anniversary and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I love you Cedric! 💕💕💕