Best in Show: Tails ‘N Trails Dog Park

Hubby and I just got back from a nice walk with our furbaby Moki. Normally, I’m not happy when the weather starts changing, but I like being able to walk and it’s not a hundred degrees! We were thinking of taking her to the dog park, but we wanted to be able to walk as well.

Since having Moki, we’ve been to a few different dog parks. Our favorite one by far is Tails ‘N Trails in Arlington, TX. We like it so much because there is a lot of seating for when you just want to let the pup run around, but there is also a genuinely nice walking trail if you’re in the mood for exercise yourself.

We normally go there at least twice a week (my husband goes more than I do!) We have yet to find one we like more. Just thought I would share some pics if anyone in the area is looking for a nice dog park.

How many of you have fur babies? Let me see some pics!

Step Out: The Summit

The Summit logo

Today I got to visit The Summit in Grand Prairie which is a recreational facility for people fifty and over. My husband found out about it and let me know (he’s 42). I had no idea they had something like this in my city. I was really impressed. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of a program I used to be in at the Dallas VA Hospital.

They have so many clubs and things to do. This is JUST what I need in my retirement! I’ve been looking for something like this to help me manage my days so that I’m not just sitting around looking at my dog!

I was looking at the schedule for August and there are trips, club meetings and there is even a movie theater onsite. It’ a shame that I can’t enjoy the facility with my husband, but it does give me the opportunity to step out on my own and do something just for me.

This morning I only spent an hour there, but I got to use the indoor walking track. It was great to walk inside. I had a view of the surrounding area and the pool while walking. Next, I’ll have to walk and then tackle the fitness machines. There was even a place there to get water and small plates.

Even though I’ve only been one time, I recommend The Summit to anyone living in Grand Prairie or the surrounding area to check it out. They have memberships for residents and non-residents.