My Evening Festivities!

What’s your favorite time of day?

This is easy: Evenings

I love those hours right before bedtime when I know that my day is complete and I no longer need to be productive. πŸ€“ I’m finished. πŸ˜„

To top it off, Hubby is home from work and I get to enjoy his company while hugging Moki.


I’m very thankful for every day.

3 thoughts on β€œMy Evening Festivities!”

  1. nzaynethoughts – Colfax – Has dyslexia, ADD, anxiety+sensory disorders, chronic depression, and CPTSD. Yet speaks/understands 8+ languages, has lived around the world, and has nothing left to prove - even to himself.
    nzaynethoughts on said:

    Moki is so adorable. <3

    • LenoreDallas – Texas – There are 2 things I talk about a lot: My mental health and my early retirement. Everything else falls under being a parent of an adult child, an Army Veteran, and a Type 2 diabetic! Oh, and coffee!!
      LenoreDallas on said:


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