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Updates For Monday 8/21

I always start off Mondays thinking of how much needs to be done. Even though I’m retired, I still stress over this. I get up making mental lists of everything that needs to be done at home. I normally get 2 or 3 things done and then just quit; too overwhelming…

Permanent Smile

But as always, I’m thankful to see this day. I’m getting along fine with my new smile. Eating with them takes tons of practice, but as long as you do it slowly, it works.

new smile

I went to the gym

I happened to go to the gym the other day. I didn’t get a whole lot done but I still felt good afterwards! I mainly did strength training. That’s what I want to concentrate on going forward.

Depp v Heard

Not too much new and exciting is going on right now. I did watch Depp v Heard on Netflix and thought it was really interesting considering I didn’t watch any of the trial. From day one, I have always believed she lied. Sorry. Not sorry.

Netflix Depp v Heard


I’m getting really tired of playing fish and farmland games and trying to win these free items! I have friends on Facebook who have won items, so I’m trying to hang in there! I will let you know if Temu comes through!

Temu logo

I’m hoping to visit my son this week, so hopefully next Monday, I will have some nice pics to share! Hope all is well with everyone reading. What’s your life update for this Monday?


  1. The good about being retire is? Beside keeping yourself active is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Always keep things on your agenda or you may just become lost and end up wasting away!

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