woman standing beside two men

Friends or Associates?

Daily writing prompt
What is a word you feel that too many people use?
woman standing beside two men
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Too many people use the word FRIEND.

Most people don’t even know what a real friend is.

No one is automatically your friend. Friendship takes work and time to develop.

Your co-workers are not your friends.

Your fellow church goers are not your friends.

And a lot of times, the one you marry isn’t even your friend!

Friends tell each other the truth!

Friends take care of each other.

Friends lift you up; they don’t talk behind your back.

If you want a real friend, LEARN HOW TO BE A REAL FRIEND!


  1. It is truly a blessing to know and have someone in you life that you can count on in hard time and vice Versa to be able to be there for someone in your life as well. Mutual respect and understanding of each other needs and respecting their boundaries! Love it. However friends are rare and truly special gifts from God!

  2. Your post is spot on. A friend is rare and dear to your heart. If you have one or two in your lifetime, count yourself blessed.

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