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Dutch Bros Saved Me!

Thank goodness for Dutch Bros!

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Hey friends. Not much to update lately. I’ve been running on empty today but I think I know why. I took half of a sleeping pill last night and it always lingers. I try not to take them unless I can spend the next day relaxing.

I ended up having to go get some essentials from the grocery store, so I ended up stopping at Dutch Bros to get a pick-me-up. I ordered a Blended Rebel Shark Attack. It’s so good! It includes a Red Bull, y’all! The flavors are Blue Raspberry, Coconut, and Lime w/Pomegranate.

I have really fallen in love with Dutch Bros these last few months. My all-time favorite drink from them is the Orangesicle Frost. 😳 So good!

Ok. I got off topic! Sorry 😀

But like I said, not much is going on right now. I’m still waiting for the phone to ring in regards to my implants!

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