set of medical protective face masks

Euphoria: Well, That Didn’t Last Long!

set of medical protective face masks
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The euphoria of starting at Planet Fitness didn’t last too long. Shortly after my last post, I felt a familiar tickle begin in my throat. Dang it, I was coming down with something!

So, I’ve spent the last few days taking Tylenol Cold meds and Halls cough drops. Those are my go-to for cold remedies. The worst of it was just my throat. I’m so thankful things didn’t get any worse!

I’m gonna have to do better with cleaning off the workout machines before and after I work out! That had to be where I got the germs. I don’t really talk to anyone when I’m there and I go at a time when it’s really empty so I don’t think I got infected from the air.

I’ll be back at it soon. I just have to keep reminding myself that every time I work out, changes are happening inside. One day, I will be able to see it from the outside as well!

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