Planet Fitness: Let’s Start Again

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I’ve started going back to planet fitness and I kind of enjoy it. I’m just concentrating on walking on the treadmill for one hour, three times a week. That way I won’t push myself too hard and quit!

I’ve had more than one gym membership in my life and I like Planet Fitness the best. They are inexpensive and I’ve had good experiences with the people who work there. I never feel like I’m not doing enough or that people are watching me. It is truly a No Judgment Zone!

It really took some time for me to start going back. I was really afraid but I couldn’t figure out why. I’m not exactly a stranger to working out but I was really apprehensive about getting there.

I asked God to show me why I was afraid and later I saw it. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do the things I used to do in the gym so I felt ashamed. Since I turned 50, my body has been going through some changes. The arthritis in my ankles bothers me more than it used to and I’ve gained at least 5 lbs. That doesn’t sound like much but I can see it, my ankles feel it and I HATE IT!

I remember the days when I used to pray to God to be retired so I could have the time to take better care of myself. Well, here I am! Time to keep up my end of the bargain!

Thank you, Lord, for my health and strength.

Any gym buddies out there who can help keep me accountable? I need you!


  1. You have time now and it’s great to use that time to take care of yourself. And working out is so beneficial for our health!

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