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Dental Implants: Wax Try Ins!

Dental implant wax try in

I finally got to see and test out my wax try ins! My appointment was on Friday and I was a little nervous, but VERY excited.

Let me just say, when she first put them in, I was thinking: there is no way these look right! They fill up my whole mouth! I felt like I had a mouth full of blocks! Then she gave me the mirror and I immediately noticed the place between my upper lip and my nose looked poked out with my mouth closed. I then started doing that wide, wide crazy smile to see all of the edges of the denture. The doctor immediately told me to stop doing that and just relax!

wax try in appointment

So, I did. She had me say a few things and it didn’t feel comfortable AT ALL. She told me to go into the restroom by myself and look in the big mirror. She said just relax and smile and take pictures and just sit with them for a minute.

So, I did that…and believe it or not, it helped. I was able to turn this way and that way and really see what I looked like without judgement. When I went back into her office, she asked me how I felt. I took a deep breath and said OK. She told me she thought they looked great and she was pleased with how they came out. I was too.

Let me just say, they look a lot better than they feel! It’s like trying to talk (again) with a mouth full of blocks! But from what I’ve researched, that’s normal at first. I’m going to have to get used to talking normal in them and eating is going to be a whole other challenge, BUT I will have my smile back! Everything else I can work on daily in private.

My permanents should be ready in a few weeks!

I cannot end this post without saying Thank you to God for these implants!


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