man in black and white stripe dress shirt sitting on chair in front of macbook

Online “Friendships” VS IRL Connections

man in black and white stripe dress shirt sitting on chair in front of macbook
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IRL Conundrum:

This week I noticed something online. I’m in a few Facebook groups; some for Veterans, some for women and some for over 50. It seems like I’m not the only person who would love to have people to do things with IRL instead of just people to talk to online. I’ve said hello in these groups to people in my area, but I can never figure out how to “get it offline!

I’ve been on social media and blogging for many years and I’ve made some great friends (if you can call them that) online. Those online relationships have gotten me through some really lonely times but I would really love to be able to call up someone and say hey, meet me for coffee…

Since I’m no longer in the workforce, I’m a little isolated. My Hubby works full time and so do some friends, so during the days it’s just me and Moki. I’ve been praying for God to send me ideas for getting out and connecting with more people; especially other retirees like me. I would love to meet and click with other people who have as much free time as I do! LOL

I’ve looked into Meetups and I couldn’t really find any that were current and relatable for me. And most online forums are just a way to AGAIN…talk online. There has to be a better way…


      1. Hope it helps you find some real life friends! And just a heads-up, there is a dating Bumble site and a friends Bumble site so don’t join the dating one by mistake.

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