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Forever Fat

orange leaves for Fall

Once again, Spring is coming and I’m still fat. My husband doesn’t agree that I am as fat as I claim to be, but trust me, I’m fat enough. Most of my extra weight is around my middle…I’m skinny everywhere else! Eating has always been emotional for me, so that doesn’t help the situation.

I’m trying to move more while indoors and I’m also trying to get into the habit of taking Moki to the dog park. I enjoy taking her to the trails to walk but the coyote sightings have me a little timid. I do have a walking stick that I take with me, but is that really going to work if I run up on a coyote or two? Moki is small, so she would definitely draw their attention. I’ll figure it out.

What I really need is a bicycle! I don’t really have the extra funds to get one right now, but it is definitely on my list of wants. I haven’t been on a bicycle in many years, but I used to love it. I bet it would feel awesome to ride again! I’m trying to find ways to be more active in my regular, daily life. I’m 52 and trying my best to stay healthy. Losing about 20 lbs. would be amazing! I’d even rejoice at 10! LOL

Lord, please help me to stop my emotional eating!


  1. I definitely understand the struggles with emotional eating. Why can’t there be emotional working out? I wish I could trick my brain into heading out for a walk or even just walking up and down the stairs inside a few times instead of grabbing snacks.

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