2 thoughts on “So Much!

  1. God would never place more on you that He knew you couldn’t bare! Just remember to always keep Him first, sit back and watch His works. Everything that is filled with no room for error! God’s Grace and Mercy will guide you through all of these needed challenges. Building of a beautiful Foundation to start whatever you prayed and asked God to do for you and your family! Pray with cease! His path for you will be revealed soon. Stay strong

    • LenoreDallas – Texas – There are 2 things I talk about a lot: My mental health and my early retirement. Everything else falls under being a parent of an adult child, an Army Veteran, and a Type 2 diabetic! Oh, and coffee!!
      LenoreDallas on said:

      I’m holding on to God’s promises. I know He will never let me down! Thank you so much for your encouragement. Your support is everything!❤️

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