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Ageing is Scaring Me…

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I’m beginning to notice something. I am more afraid than I used to be; of ageing. I watch tv and I see so many commercials about this illness and that one, and it affects me differently than it used to. I have to purposely stop my thoughts from running away with me.

I’m 51 years old now with a few health conditions and sometimes the future of my health scares me. I hate to admit that, but there it is. Aging is scary. I’m not even sure I can finish this post.

Lord, please just keep your hands on me.


  1. I have these moments too. It’s such a tough balance between keeping up with your health and obsessing about it. I’ve watched my father turn into a hypochondriac as he’s gotten older. HIs father, grandfather, and great grandfather all died of heart attacks in their 70s and he just turned 72. He ends up at the doctor constantly because his own anxiety gives him chest pains that he’s sure are heart attacks.

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