Blessings vs Distractions

moon on overcast night

It’s amazing how when God starts blessing you the devil always steps in to try to distract you!

God is doing so many amazing things in our life right now.

  • We are moving to a townhouse next month. We have been waiting to get into this place for a minute!
  • Hubby is starting his new Federal job tomorrow!

He was just notified on Friday and then woke up on Saturday SICK! We have him on TheraFlu and I’m praying hard that he feels better soon! But thankfully, his first 3 days of orientation are virtual, so he won’t have to go anywhere until Thursday. We will have him well by then!

Even though he is sick, he is still extremely excited and so am I! We have been so stressed out waiting for these two things to come through and now that they have, we can focus on moving forward! I can now go back to doing what I need to do health wise. Sometimes when things get stupid, it’s hard to stay focused on things like exercise and eating healthy. But since I’ve hit 50, it’s become mandatory!

Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings!

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