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Exciting Casino Girls Trip!

Guess what I did this weekend? I went on a casino girl’s trip! It was my first one in a long time. I wasn’t going to go because of my teeth (or lack of them), but I changed my mind. Me and three friends drove to Bossier City, Louisiana and stayed at the Horseshoe Casino. We ended up over at Margaritaville, which we liked much better than Horseshoe! One of the ladies’ cousins joined us from Mississippi and we had a wonderful time!

I haven’t posted in a bit, I know. Things have been a little stressful and hectic here, but God is still in control. The last time I posted, I mentioned that we were waiting to see if we were approved for the townhome. We got approved! We will be moving in in January! That’s one important thing taken care of.

God is moving things around for us and we are so grateful. Important things are on the horizon!

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