God Brings Peace = Satan Brings Confusion

Peace Rainbow trees

This last week has been crazy!

I was waiting to see if we were gonna get this townhome we were looking at, but that still hasn’t been resolved. But it’s funny how you can be so upset or confused about something and then God will provide a solution and within an instant, you’re at peace again. That’s how you know it was God!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what move God wants you to make. And it doesn’t help that as soon as you ask God what to do, the devil steps in and tries to lure your attention away.

I’m just thankful that I’ve grown in Christ, and I have learned to trust Him with everything that I am!

I spent yesterday and all last night suffering from allergies. It came on so suddenly I refuse to believe that’s all it was. Stress was involved. It was like nothing I took would help! I finally passed out after 1am and was able to get some rest. My husband and I both are waiting for God to move a mountain and we refuse to lose faith!

I want to hear what you think!