My Power Days Kill My Anxiety!

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Yesterday was Power Day!

I went on a one mile walk and then spent the rest of the day working on my Facebook page. I was able to update the cover and icon, but I didn’t get in a blog post. But that’s why I’m here now. 😊

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My plan was to get in a Leslie Sansone walking video too, but it didn’t quite happen. Now I’m concerned about how I’m going to sleep tonight because I did take a 5 Hour Energy early this morning. Is that the reason for Power Day?

Not at all.

The real reason was the mile walk! I had taken an anxiety break for a while, but I had to put an end to that! Anxiety hinders me from doing so much, but I’m glad I can at least recognize that and do better!

That’s Power!

Is there anything that anxiety keeps you from doing? How does it keep you from living your best life?


  1. I have such a difficult time doing certain things because of my anxiety so I definitely know how you feel. It can be a massive hinderance. But I’m glad you’re working through it because that’s how we beat it!

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