6 Month Checkup: Dental Implants


I had full mouth dental implants placed on March 31st and today will be my 6-month checkup. I’ll find out if I am healed enough to go onto the next step which is adding the abutments.

Am I nervous? A little. I just want to keep moving forward. It’s been a long road with no teeth. My eating has gotten better, so that’s not that much of a hinderance anymore, but I’m anxious to see my new smile!

Sometimes I worry that the teeth won’t look right, but you know what? God set this whole thing into motion, and He always goes beyond anything you could imagine. I’m confident everything will be wonderful…because of Him. God has never let me down and He won’t today. Even if I have more healing to do before the next step, He’ll give me the patience to endure.

I will be sure to let you all know what happens!

I want to hear what you think!