Why I Hate Anxiety

PurpleHaze Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety is hard. Sometimes it makes me feel “stuck”. What I mean is I’ll be doing fine for a week or two…taking diligent care of myself and getting out and then there comes a day when I might have to change plans or something and stay in. It’s like, the longer I stay in the house, the harder it is for me to get out!

I begin to feel anxious when planning to go to the gym the next day. Where are those feelings coming from? Am I afraid to go out now? Do I not want to be around people? What is it? I’ve had doctors’ appointments this week, but it’s been a week since I’ve gone to the gym…I was doing fine before, but now it’s like I have to coax myself into going back. Once I get there though, I’m fine. And if I keep going, I’m fine, but if I have to skip for any reason, I feel lost and have to start all over again finding the confidence to get out.

People who don’t struggle daily with anxiety have no idea what a day in our lives is like. They can’t even imagine. I hate the way anxiety always has me second guessing myself. It makes me afraid of the normal things in life. But I won’t stop fighting. I can’t.

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  1. I struggle with anxiety as well, it is awful, it affects every area of your life. I try hard to practice mindfulness and work though my emotions and the situations of life

  2. I have anxiety too and I know exactly how you feel. Even normal outings give me anxiety sometimes for no reason. I try to socialise as much as I can so I don’t become too reclusive. All we can do is keep going and trying.

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