Will My Excitement Ever Rule the World?

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I’m so excited!

That may seem like a small thing to most people, but for someone who suffers from depression, it’s gigantic! When did you last experience excitement?

The last few years has been rough. I had some wonderful things happen and some not-so-wonderful things happen. But the whole time I was fighting to get my passion back!

It had been years since I had written my last blog post and I was even trying my hand at an online business, but I’d lost it.

My passion was gone. I still loved my family and had good days and bad days, but the fire for my creativity had gone out. And this week…has been amazing! I’m enjoying blogging again and I even have plans for another online venture!

I prayed to God to give me my energy and zest back and He has done it! I sat online today for 2 hours watching videos and tutorials and trying to learn as much as I can. It feels good to be back doing what I’ve loved for so long!


  1. I’m so happy to hear that you’re trying to get back into doing what you love. As someone with depression I know that sometimes we lose passion for things we loved like blogging but getting back into it will be amazing and definitely a win. Rooting for you!

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