Need Help Defeating the Menopause Monster!!

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This post is for my Menopause Warriors!

(Guys, you won’t be interested…LOL)

This has been one rough week. I don’t know what is going on with my body temperature! It’s up and down all day and especially all night. I toss and turn so many times. It’s just tiring. I’m taking prescription Melatonin and muscle relaxers, but they don’t help.

I’m glad my husband is a sound sleeper, so I’m not keeping him up. I’m thinking I may try sleeping in the living room just to see if it makes a difference. We have a ceiling fan in the bedroom that stays on and I have a small desk fan that is on also and directed at me. And let’s not forget that the temperature is set at 73 degrees all night!

I had a partial hysterectomy back in 2010 and since then, I have had regular issues with hot flashes, but nothing like what is going on now. It’s like, I’m switching between sweating and freezing every 2 minutes! I have a doctor’s appointment in October, so I called today to see if I can get in sooner, but the best they could do was set me up for mid-September!

I’m not sure what she will suggest, so in the meantime I just have to deal with it.

Any suggestions?

ps. I forgot to say I’m also taking OTC Estroven for hot flashes.

I want to hear what you think!