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What I Realize About Retirement

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Boredom is a real thing, especially in retirement. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being retired, but there are days that I really don’t want to do anything but lay down or watch television. I tend to feel guilty about those days, but on the other days I really do try to be productive.

What I need to realize though is that it’s ok to do nothing for a day. Being retired IS my job now. I’m not “less than” because I don’t work outside of the home. I have a husband and dog that I take care of now! LOL

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Cedric & Moki

My son Ramel has his own place and job, so the Mommy part of my life is quite different now. I’m so thankful that Ramel is self-sufficient and happy. When he was small, our life was nothing like it is now. We’ve been without a home, car and so many other things, but God has truly blessed us.

My retirement is one of those blessings! I was burnt out at work and my health (especially mental) was on a downward spiral. God has granted me the time to concentrate on myself and I refuse to feel guilty about resting when it’s necessary!


  1. I can definitely imagine retirement being a bit of an adjustment especially because the world has become a place where overwork is sometimes rewarded but relaxation is seen as lazy. You truly are blessed and I’m sure you will adjust to retirement.

  2. God has truly been a blessing in your life, as well as Moki and I. You raised a 25 year old just you, God and a few kind people along the way. He’s doing great! Bravo Great mom, you have earned a break ( retirement ) little peace and quiet every now and then is well worth it! Super Awesome Mother, Wife, Friend, Lover, etc. Please enjoy your retirement time. People pray daily to make it to retirement.

  3. I hear ya! After working for so many years and focusing on “productivity” and numbers, it can be difficult to take that necessary time to relax. I love those days when I have nothing planned.

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