PTSD: No Laughing Matter

You know, PTSD and anxiety are funny things (not literally funny though). They can make you uneasy about the most mundane of things. I’ve been sitting here all day stressing about going in to get labs done tomorrow.

No, I’m not concerned about what the labs will show, or encountering COVID, I’m just anxious about “going out of my house”. Strange, isn’t it? It’s like the entire day before an appointment, I must find ways to relax and destress and try not to think about “the big tomorrow”!

Yes, I do recognize the symptoms when they come up, but it’s still not easy to combat them sometimes. For me, it comes down to changing the way I think about things. Why should leaving the house be stressful? I should think of it as a good thing, a change of scenery. And the weird this is, whenever I do go out, it always makes me feel better! It’s like I’m afraid of a good thing.

Oh well, it is what it is.

I can only be who I am.


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