Back From Hiatus!

purple hello

Ok. I have been on hiatus. It has been forever since I have posted. SO much has been going on, but most of it has been internal. On my last post in June, I mentioned that I had begun taking CBD. I have seen many changes since starting the regimen. I really believe that it has helped me become more at ease in my own skin. I find that when I am home alone, I’m not AS hypervigilant as I used to be. I still have bad moments, but on the average, the CBD has really helped. I take the oil in the mornings and in the evenings, I use CBD gummies. I am really grateful for that it has helped!

I’m still struggling with trying to put myself on some kind of schedule during the day. My main focus these days is trying to get my diabetes under control and getting healthier in general. I prayed for this! I need to take advantage of everything God has put in my life.

I’m grateful today for so much!

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