Is My Anxiety Real?

I am so sick of this Shelter in Place due to Covid-19. I’ve had enough. I feel like I’m suffocating! I’m not one to spend alot of time away from home, but just feeling like it’s not safe out there is taking a toll on me.

When you have issues with depression and anxiety anyway, this sort of situation can become too much! I’m doing my part and trying to keep myself busy. On top of that, I’ve been battling allergies these last couple of days. 🙁 I’m just ready for this to end, but I feel like God is trying to show me something during this downtime.

Am I the only one who isn’t sure how much of her anxiety is real and how much is manufactured?

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  1. I know I’m late with this response, but it’s probably real. Since this began, I’ve really noticed how triggering everything is. Whatever issues I had in the past have re-surfaced in a way.

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