Your Strength Will Amaze You!

Strength for Depression
Strength for Depression

What do you need strength for right now?
Sometimes I need it just get out of bed; and then more not to have a bad attitude; or just strength to realize how blessed I am!! When I think of how good God has been to me all I can do is praise Him.

I know that some of y’all may not have a personal relationship with God, but just know that He loves you and He wants to give you the life you deserve.

I have good days and bad days. On my bad days, I have to seek God for that “extra”. I’m thankful that most of my days are good now and I know that it’s due to the work God has helped me put in with therapy over the years.  

If it’s hard for you to just “be ok”, it’s alright.
Just remember: You Can Do This!

You have all of the strength you need!

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